Integrated Urban Public Transport Management System

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General Description

Integrated Urban Public Transport Management System (UPTMS) is the latest intelligent transport solution technology for the public transport. UPTMS integrates multiple technologies to improve the flow of traffic and safety.

UPTMS provides an innovative solution by utilizing state-of-art system technologies and proven field equipment. UPTMS is a system with high operational efficiency and adaptability to evolving technologies. System’s major strengths are excellent safety and open architecture for simple integration with other systems. UPTMS is easy to use and easy to extend.

Our system offers proven advantages in terms of safety and the environment as well as traffic fluidity and time saving.

The proposed Integrated Urban Public Transport Management System (UPTMS) is a complex system that includes the following automated systems:

  1. Traffic management systems:
    • Intersection Control Systems provides automatic traffic lights control at the intersections to provide privileges in traffic for BRT buses while crossing the intersections (“green corridor” mode);
    • Camera Systems (including E-police function) provides supervision and analysis of traffic giving privileges in crossing the intersections for the most crowded traffic directions as well as provides automatic recording of road traffic offence (speed enforcement, red lights running, wrong parking, etc.)
  2. Bus operation Management Systems:
    • Global Positioning System provides BRT buses positioning control;
    • Vehicle Dispatching is intended to control BRT bus traffic on the line (based on Global Positioning System data) as well as to automate the process of releasing the buses to the line.
  3. Automated Fare Collection System provides automatic fare collection on BRT lines, access control to BRT stations, control and analysis of passenger flow as well as controls the tariff policies.
  4. Passenger Information System is the main tool which provides passengers with necessary information connected with bus timetable, bus arrival and departure time, current time and date as well as different help information.
  5. Public Address System is the main tool of voice informing the passengers on the BRT lines, provides address informing the passengers on BRT stations about the bus departure/arrival time as well as providing help information and alarm reporting.
  6. Unified precision time system is intended for precise time synchronization with all UPTMS systems that requires time synchronization and time displaying for the staff and passengers.
  7. Multi Services Network provides data exchange between all the UPTMS systems.

Advantages of the UPTMS implementation

  • one single operation control center for providing statistic, financial and analytic information for the whole city public transport.
  • centralization of all public transport control processes in one single operation control center OCC;
  • centralized data analysis that come from different public transport control systems, optimization of service delivery to the public transport passengers and as the result increasing the level of passenger services;
  • increasing of passenger flow by means of providing the passengers with services of higher quality; in its turn it will make possible to decrease the using of personal transport and reduce the air pollution;
  • possibility to connect additional routes to the integrated UPTMS system (BRT, bus and trolleybus lines, metro, tram lines) without essential additional costs for creating control centers for each kind of transport;
  • prompt response for emergencies in public transport traffic (failures, delays, etc.), automatic correction of transport timetable and informing the passengers about these changers;
  • decreasing the number of emergency situations in UPTMS control areas by means of traffic management systems implementation.