Communications-Based Train Control And Train Signaling System (CBTC)

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Communications-Based Train Control is a modern technological system for subway and commuter rail networks management. This system enables operators to provide more precise movement control and to increase both number of trains moving on the line and their frequency and speed, providing complete safety – for both system types with a driver or driverless. Implementation of CBTC improves performance, reliability and safety and reduces operating costs.

The traffic control system for rail transport allows determining the location of a vehicle, its direction and speed of its movement, as well as monitoring the consumption of fuels and lubricants. It also allows receiving data on technical transport vehicles, route deviations, overspeeding and other parameters.

Safety of the rail transport also is one of the Signaling System’s goals. For this purpose, a centralized security system is used, serving to prevent train collisions in tunnels by notifying dispatchers about critical distances and informing the drivers about the necessity to reduce speed or stop.

Communications-Based Train Control and Train Signaling systems for rail transport is the key field of LOT Group’s development. The essence of a dispatch system is that information from relay or electrical interlocking devices is processed and displayed at a central dispatching point. Railway or subway employees can inform the drivers about any existing dangers, thus preventing train crashes using control commands from the central or station dispatching points.

Implementation of the Communications-Based Train Control system allows improving the safety of subway or railway traffic. This is achieved by using an intuitively understandable dispatcher or traffic controller interface.


CBTC can be easily integrated with all automated systems for rail transport.

Now LOT Group has been working on its own unique CBTC system, that will accomplish our product range of rail transport automated systems.

CBTC System Layout


  • Optimized train speeds to gain best line capacity, reduced costs and provide best passenger comfort;
  • Guaranteed short term of system delivery and launching;
  • Putting in operation from day one;
  • Automated operations and easy maintenance;
  • Driverless system (or upgradable to driverless) to reduce operating costs;
  • Power saving;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Easy expansion;
  • Easy integration;
  • Best immunity against interference;
  • Obsolescence-proof;
  • 100% safe;
  • Minimum trackside equipment.

Innovative solution simplifies the complex route setting and interlocking functions, completely merging them into CBTC:

  • Optimum train-centric architecture, with more on-board intelligence and direct train-to-train communication, leading to 20% less equipment and better performances;
  • Higher transport capacity with minimal headway (down to 60 seconds);
  • Higher operational availability (24 hours) with extreme flexibility of train movements;
  • Optimal investment and LCC for all types of line configuration.