Multi Services Network

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System Description and Architecture

Multi Services Network Architecture

MSN is a Multi-Service Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Network which is intended for providing well-organized telecommunication infrastructure that covers all strategic objects such as OCC, stations, depots, service-and-office buildings and any other places connected with public transport. MSN also provides reliable communication channels between the strategically important places and the rolling stock or mobile operating staff.

MSN provides reliable data transmission between all the UPTMS nodes and systems.

The network topology for Multi-Service Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Network to link Main Sites nodes will be a «dual ring topology»:

Each of the nodes of the network will be connected to two other nodes in the network, with two connections to each of these nodes, and with the first and last node being connected to each other with two connections, forming a double ring.

Multi Services Network Advantages

Advantages of MSN implementation are :

  • reliable base for data transmission between the UPTMS systems;
  • single MSN operation monitoring center located in OCC;
  • single logging center of the MSN events;
  • providing other UPTMS systems with MSN resources (Signaling, SCADA, Building Management System, etc.)
  • connection of the new network segments to the MSN network on the new public transport lines without essential costs for creation of the network control center for each public transport line.