Bus Operation Management System

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Bus operation management system consists of Global positioning system and Vehicle Dispatching system.

Bus Operation Management System Architecture

Bus Operation Management System

Global Positioning System

Global positioning system is intended for precise positioning of rolling stock that consists of velocity vector with reference to time. Global positioning system allows the rolling stock equipped with navigation equipment to define the parameters of its movement in any point at any time.

The system consists of the equipment that is installed in the rolling stock and the software.

The main functions of the system are:

  • defining of the position, speed, direction and other countable parameters by means of embedded receiver;
  • data transmission in the networks of mobile customer communication of GSM 900/1800 standard using the GPRS mode of data transmission;
  • transmitting the commands of received data from traffic control center to the executive devices of the vehicles;
  • exchange of formal text messages between the vehicle drivers and traffic control center;
  • operation as an interactive voice response – automatic positioning of the vehicle near the stop and informing the passengers about the stop name inside the vehicle by means of voice messages.

Vehicle Dispatching System

Main functions of the subsystem are:

  • monitoring the traffic on the routes;
  • monitoring the schedule delays;
  • monitoring the miles/kilometers travelled of the vehicles;
  • output of the statistic information;
  • counting the number of vehicles on the route;
  • support of the voice communication with the driver.

Subsystem is intended to provide work of the transport companies staff (traffic control operators) and vehicles operation. Implementation of vehicle dispatching subsystem allows to systematize and regulate the procedure of releasing the vehicles to the route, keep precise records of every driver’s work and every vehicles operation as well as to provide quick and effective communication of drivers and traffic control operators.

The main element of the system is GPS traffic control display that is intended to inform the chief traffic control operator about the current situation in the whole control zone of the vehicle dispatching system.

All the main elements of the system are displayed on the central display:

  • schematic illustration of the vehicles that are on the routes;
  • schematic illustration of the map with the stops;
  • schematic illustration of the routes;
  • symbolic representation of the operation mode.

Bus Operation Management System Advantages

Implementation of the system will allow to:

  • control the traffic
  • manage the traffic quickly and efficiently
  • form and correct the vehicle timetable
  • keep records of return trips
  • control miles/kilometers travelled and fuel consumption
  • inform the passengers about the stops
  • connect the traffic control operator with the driver

Advantages of the system implementation

  • Improving the quality of the service by means of providing the traffic regularity; lowering the intensity of transport crowding; reducing the intervals on the routes during the rush hours; improving the safety of passenger transportation;
  • Increasing the information awareness of the population about the public transport operation
  • Providing the effective centralized control and management of transportation in general;
  • Increasing the quality control of public transport services;
  • Providing the centralized monitoring of route passing time and speed